Friday, 16 May 2014

N5 Business Management – Exam Revision Syllabus


Unit 1.1 Business Activity


a)      Role of Business Organisations

§  Sectors of Economy (Private, Public & Third)

§  Sectors of Industry (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary)

§  Types of Business Organisations (Sole Traders, Partnerships, Ltd. & plc, Charities, Social Enterprises, and Public Corporations – i.e. BBC)


b)      What makes a Business successful?

§  Factors of Production (Land, Labour, Capital & Enterprise)

§  Customer Satisfaction (Customer complaints, After sales service)


c)      Objectives of Businesses

§  Survival

§  Growth

§  Profit Maximisation

§  Provide a Service

§  Social Responsibility


Unit 1.2 Business Influences


d)      Internal Factors

§  Finance

§  Labour/Human Resources

§  Technology


e)      External Factors

§  Political

§  Economic

§  Social

§  Technological

§  Environmental

§  Competitive


f)       Stakeholders

§  Owners/Shareholders

§  Managers

§  Employees

§  Banks

§  Customers

§  Suppliers

§  Government



Unit 2.1 Marketing

a)      Market Research

§  Market Segments

§  Field & Desk Research

§  Methods of Market Research (Questionnaire, Interviews, Telephone Survey, Postal Survey, Focus Groups, Consumer panels, Hall Test, Observation)


b)      Product Life Cycle

§  Stage by Stage

§  Extension Strategies


c)      Marketing Mix

§  Product (New Product Development, Branding)

§  Price (Pricing Strategies)

§  Place (Location decisions, Channels of Distribution)

§  Promotion (Methods of Promotion)


d)      Ethical Marketing


e)      Marketing and ICT

§  Tesco Clubcard

§  Spam email


Unit 2.2 Operations


a)      Choosing suppliers

§  Purchasing mix (Quality, quantity, reliability, price etc)


b)      Stock Control

§  Types of Stock

§  Over and Under Stocking

§  Stock Control Diagram


c)      Production Methods

§  Job

§  Batch

§  Flow


d)      Ethical and environmental

§  Wastage

§  Packaging


e)      Quality

§  Methods of Quality (Quality Control, Quality Assurance, TQM, Benchmarking, Quality Standards, Quality Circles)


f)       Technology and Operations

§  Automated Stock Control – use of Barcodes

§  EPOS - Checkout

§  CAD – designing the product

§  CAM – 3D printers

Unit 3.1 Human Resources


a)      Recruitment

§  Stages in Recruitment

§  Internal v External Recruitment


b)      Selection

§  Stages in Selection

§  Selection Methods


c)      Training

§  Induction

§  On the Job

§  Off the job


d)      Motivation

§  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

§  Theory X & Y

§  Non-financial methods


e)      Legislation

§  Health & Safety at Work Act

§  Equality Act

§  National Minimum Wage Act


Unit 3.2 Finance


a)      Sources of Finance

§  Bank Loan

§  Overdraft

§  Hire Purchase

§  Mortgages

§  Government Grants


b)      Break Even

§  Fixed & Variable Costs

§  Break Even Charts

§  Break Even Point & the Margin of Safety


c)      Cash Budgets

§  Interpretation of Cash Budgets

§  Cash Flow Problems & Solutions


d)      Profit and Loss Statements

§  Sales & Cost of Goods Sold

§  Gross Profit & Net Profit


e)      Technology in Finance

§  Spreadsheets


§  Online Banking


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

National 5 Business Management Command Words

Command words are the words that tell you what you have to do with the content or knowledge you have. How you communicate it back to the examiner.

Below is the table of the SQA command words for National 5 Business Management.

Command Words

Identify similarities and differences between two or more factors.
Give a clear meaning.
Provide a thorough description
Identify the differences between two or more factors. Remember to use where/but/however.
Give details about how and why something is as it is.
Pick some key factors and name them.
Give the name or identifying characteristics of something.
Identify or make a list.
State the main features. This needs more detail than just a list.
State a possible reason or course of action (no development required).


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Welcome to National 5 Business Management

I am having a few technical issues with this blog at present, but hopefully will have it up and running ASAP.


I intend to publish my slides, notes, and questions for pupils studying this course.


I will also publish useful links to websites and also interesting articles, facts and stories about business which you may find helpful for examples.

Monday, 18 March 2013

National 5 Business Management Course Outline

The National 5 Business Management course is divided into 3 units:

Unit 1 Understanding Business
1.1 Business Activity
1.2 Influences on Business

Unit 2 Management of Marketing and Operations
2.1 Marketing
2.2 Operations

Unit 3 Management of People and Finance
3.1 People
3.2 Finance


Final Exam = 70%
Assignment = 30%